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The steel material grades we use meet standards BS 43 A and B, BS 50 B and C, and A36 and 50 in compliance with American Standards.
Our company's resources include:

Fully automated fabrication unit
Sand blasting unit
Painting and coating unit
Galvanizing unit
Transport unit
Research and development programme supported by sophisticated knowledge management practices

Our quality assurance and control procedures aim at enhancing client confidence and ensuring fully inspected and carefully approved product deliverables. Starting with detailed inspection test plans, these procedures include:

First off jig inspection to ensure that all units from raw materials are manufactured according to the fabrication drawings and are within tolerance
Welding inspection to maintain full traceability back to individual welders
First inspection, to check that all fabricated steel complies with end client specifications, contractors' requirements and recognised standards,followed by final inspection
Shot blasting inspection, painting inspection, and site works inspections

Committed to HSE management in every area of activity, the company has developed and adapted its policies to reflect changes in regulatory environments, international best practices and market needs. These policies and their adherent procedures provide for rigorous testing, inspection and approval controls. All our employees are fully trained in safety, ensuring that risks, hazards and incidents are either eliminated or reduced to the lowest acceptable levels in our own yards and at client sites. Incidents, problems and issues in each project are recorded and posted to our knowledge base, where they are accessible as a reference base to improve standards on future projects, further enhancing our capabilities.