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To deliver the kind of efficiencies and quality that our clients have come to expect, Al Fara’a Steel Structures is committed to continuous improvement in all processes, from business and back-office through to installation and inspection. As a result, the company invests heavily in technology and its use. This includes:

  • Project management software, EDMS and business applications that generate accurate records and forecasts, enable the sharing of files and documents, and lead to greater efficiencies.
  • ERP systems to streamline procurement, logistics, supply schedules and inventory management. This allows us to maintain virtual just-in-time stock and warehousing control, greatly increasing our efficiency and ability to work to tight schedules.
  • Metal Building Software, an application for design, detailing, costing and drafting for steel framed metal buildings. This technology enables us to create accurate bills of materials and costs, and produces full sets of detailed shop and erection drawings. This technology reduces drafting time significantly, and we pass the savings on to our clients.
  • Fabrication technology, including digital-control folding and slitting machines, welding lines integrating mechanical, electrical and pneumatic technologies using singe-arc and double-wire welding technology, section material benders and other automated equipment. The use of automated equipment raises accuracy levels, makes quality control more effective, and positions us as one of the most advanced steel structure companies in the region.
  • An important use of information technology at Al Fara’a Steel Structure is knowledge management. Our ability to provide solutions is based in part on our highly developed research and development programme